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For only $5/month & you will:

1)Be helping me continue photography despite my disability.

2)Receive access to an exclusive online gallery that will give you access to images not displayed to the public.

3) Permission to download ALL images in the gallery for free!!! (personal use only)

4) Most importantly, you’ll be directly helping me fund my mom’s nursing care.

ALS is incredibly expensive… and there's two of us..

My Mom has ALS too… she has progressed to a point where she's completely immobilized and requires total care 24/7. We have a beautiful nurse that we are hiring full time that we can’t afford ($3,800/month). Until my mom's medical needs are met, I am giving 100% of all proceeds to my mom's care. Anything left over will go to my current and future medical expenses.

My mom and I plan on fighting a long fight but this fight is financially draining. Our insurance companies will gladly put my mom in a nursing home but will not cover continuous home-care. Our family is working hard to change the problems with insurance coverage for ALS patients. My mom created THIS PETITION to help the entire ALS community solve this problem.

If you give love, I want to give it back. If by a miracle, I was able to fund our medical expenses indefinitely with my love and passion for photography… I would be speechless. I would… take my camera wheel-chair out every healthy day knowing that every single image I take has a greater purpose… and I would also pee my pants and cry my face off!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your consideration and continuous support <3

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Vanessa Carbajal